Pet Preform Product Line

Posted: 15th November 2018 by preform nicole in Allgemein
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Jilian Plastics is one of the leading suppliers China Pet Bottle production lines and has extensive experience in providing high quality PET preform forming solutions. In recent years, we have established different types of preform production lines for customers from different countries, such as South Africa, Russia, Jordan, Nigeria, Algeria… If you are looking for a PET preform production line, please do not hesitate to contact us.
High quality polyester preform mould
Polyester pre-formed mold
In order to manufacture PET preforms, we have a dedicated department where we have manufactured PET preforms from 2 chambers to 144 chambers. We use valve systems and advanced hot runners. Mold features include:
The main steel of the PET preforming die is S136, stainless steel, made in Sweden, hardness HRC 48-51. It ensures long life and good polishing.
In terms of machining, we use advanced precision equipment such as the Mazak high-speed grinding machine in Japan and the Sodick EMD in Japan.
For hot runner systems, we use valves and advanced German hot runner heating elements.
PET injection molding machine and necessary assembly machine
Polyester servo motor supplier
Polyester injection molding machine
As we all know, PET materials have special properties, so we need PET injection molding machines for PET preforms. For example, for 72 21.5 g or 26 g hollow PET preforms, we use the Dakumar 650 T PET servo energy-saving injection molding machine with a cycle time of 20 seconds. The necessary assembly machines include loaders, chillers, dryers, air compressors + air dryers + air tanks + air filters, cooling towers + pumps, robots, etc.
For after-sales service, we can arrange a team of our engineers to visit your factory, install Pet Preform molds and machines, train your staff and more.