There may be many problems in the injection molding of Pet Preform. For example, deformation, shrinkage, and the like.
Distortion occurs in one of the following situations:
1. Uneven cooling system
2. Inappropriate injection system
3. Inappropriate molding parameters
4. Unreasonable product structure, such as unreasonable wall thickness
When the product is produced, the temperature is high and the internal stress of the material causes the product to bend or deform during the gradual cooling process.
We can improve by improving the injection door, cooling system, product structure, and so on. And adjust the injection parameters. We can use CAE measures such as Moldflow to find out the problem.
If this still does not solve the problem, we can solve it physically.
Jilian Mold can make a fixture for our China Pet Bottle. Place the product in the fixture. After the product is cooled, the product will not be deformed. But it needs another workforce to do the job.
We can also use special equipment to cool it, but this method is costly.