With the increasing demand for plastic molding lines such as injection molding machines, injection Pet Preform molds, and plastic materials, how to find a professional turnkey project supplier? If you want to start a turnkey project, what do you need to ask a good turnkey supplier?
1. A good turnkey project supplier needs to understand the technology of plastic molds, plastic machinery, and the ability to design projects. For example, a good turnkey project supplier needs to know that there are many mold structures, such as pipe molds with curved sliding cores, and pipe molds with ordinary mechanical or hydraulic direct sliding cores.
2. A good turnkey project supplier also needs to know how to choose the right injection molding machine model for the mold. Plastic molds have very complex movements through hydraulic cylinders that extend beyond the mold frame.
3. A good turnkey project supplier needs to calculate the size of the mold with the cylinder, and then select the appropriate machine by clamping the space between the tonnage and the tie rod, and the weight of the injected material.
4. A good turnkey project supplier can also design for the buyer of the project and provide professional advice on company layout and auxiliary equipment selection. Professional turnkey project suppliers can understand the key points of plastic molding turnkey projects. Avoid mistakes before the start of the injection molding turnkey project.
Finally, to become a professional turnkey project supplier, you need to provide professional turnkey engineering training services. In this way, the turnkey project can be started quickly. Come to Jilian Plastics China Pet Bottle supplier to get the most professional turnkey solution for your new project.