High-speed thin-wall Pet Preform injection molding services require suppliers to have high-speed injection molding machines, good cooling thin-wall molds, skilled wall injection molding adjustment workers, and stable production environments. Jilian mold with many years of experience in thin-wall injection molding, want to introduce our good experience, and hope that you can become our next customer.
Thin-walled products require high-speed injection molding machines, which should be characterized by high speed, high pressure, short time, precision and stability. However, brand-name high-speed injection molding machines are very expensive, so it is not suitable for new customers who have just entered the field. It is also recommended that professional customers use our high-speed injection molding machines. The machine configuration of Jilian mold is of a high standard. We combine German high-speed machine technology to improve performance.
High speed also requires high speed injection molds. Our cooling design is the best, we design the largest possible. For thin-walled molds, we will add copper matte to the top of the core. We use DIN 1.2316 as the core and cavity and we can provide a mold steel certificate.
Thin-wall injection molding is our popular product. We manufacture thin-walled boxes of many sizes, from 100 ml to 1,5 l, and can be 0.45 mm thick. We have designed the right mold design and we will consider using less material, but the product is better.
If you want to produce your own thin-walled 5-gallon Pet Preform product, be sure to contact Gianlian Mold, I believe we will not let you down.