The R&D and innovation capabilities of processing companies in Juice Processing Plant are weak, and the core competitiveness has the so-called low price advantage. In foreign countries, most companies are equipped with R&D departments or R&D centers. When developing new products, general business development costs account for 2% – 3 % of sales revenue. However, most processing enterprises in China do not pay attention to product development and technology investment, and do not pay attention to the training and introduction of enterprise talents. As a result, the company’s R&D personnel and R&D facilities are insufficient, resulting in poor R&D and innovation capabilities, backward technology, and products that cannot meet market demand.
With the increasing demand for vegetable juice beverages at home and abroad, vegetable juice production is in the development opportunity, who can seize the opportunity, who is the winner.
Apple juice processing industry is the largest and most mature industry in China’s juice processing industry. With the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, comprehensive cost control has become a common and long-term concern for enterprises, and has become a new competitive point for the industry. At present, the concentrated apple juice factory mainly uses high-temperature evaporation to realize the processing technology of concentrated apple juice, which consumes a lot of energy. If we can put forward the goal of cost control in this link, it will achieve considerable economic value.
Although the number of beverage processing industry is as much as the total number of enterprises, the industry is relatively weak, and there are relatively few research institutes and universities. Some industry leading technologies such as ultra-low temperature and ultra-high pressure, membrane separation, supercritical extraction, radiation, and vacuum cannot be completed by hospitals, and enterprises urgently need investment funds.
In the future, the processing machinery market will transform into a high-end market. In order to stand out in the next international competition, it is necessary to improve product quality standards, market-oriented, increase product structure adjustment, innovation and technology, and increase research and development of new materials and technologies. It has a strong influence on the characteristics of the professional brand market. The future market for beverage processing machinery and Milk Processing Plant is still very promising.