Today, more and more Pet Bottle Preform molds use hot runners. The hot runner is said to be an extension of the nozzle of the injection molding machine.
In fact, hot runner molds are more expensive than cold runner molds. This requires the user’s ability to maintain.
How does its advantage make up for its high cost?
Hot runner molds will have no waste. On the one hand, it saves material. On the other hand, it makes full-automatic production possible and saves labor costs. And the house number looks more beautiful.
The use of hot runners reduces cycle times, and thin-walled container molds using hot runners can reach 3 – 4 s per injection.
Hot runner molds can have many cavities and stably produce products of similar performance.
Hot runner molds are suitable for thin-walled product molds, precision molds, high-gloss molds, multi-color or multi-material product molds. It produces high quality products.
With these advantages, now is the main trend of injection molds.
We can say that the hot runners are pushing the injection molding field forward. And will bring more breakthroughs in this field.
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