Customized Pet Bottle Mould injection molding machines can easily prepare plastic injection molding quotes based on CAD drawings, even 2D or hand-drawn drawings, but if you don’t give them the information you need to see in the quote, you still have May be spent on unnecessary projects. Most molders look for these things from customers who require new or used plastic injection molding quotations: drawings, preferred materials, applications, quantities, and secondary operations.
Drawing – You might think that an experienced molder should already know what kind of product developers you would normally ask – even if there is no drawing. However, it is still important to provide a picture because your description of the part may not be the same as you or the molder imagined. Your words can have different interpretations. Small details that you think are less important may result in large differences in the cost of plastic molds or used plastic molds.
The preferred material – the plastic injection molding company should already know the material you like, instead of giving you a plastic injection price quote and then find that it is not suitable for your particular product. This is a waste of time. Do you know that there are more than 80,000 plastics today? If the price of plastic is between $1 and $5 per pound, you can be sure that it is the level that is usually used. If the price per pound exceeds $40, the plastic grade is clearly highly engineered. Remember, you should be able to know the materials that are right for your product to avoid over-engineering and over-consumption.
Application – For a better understanding, you should not forget to tell the plastic injection molding machine what your product uses. Is it recommended for outdoor use? Will it be shocked? By providing information about the application, the molding company can even make recommendations on the type of material that best suits your product – if it thinks you need advice.
Quantity – These data are very important to the molding machine and you. By giving an estimate of the number of parts you expect to produce each year, the molding company will know the number of cavities it will make in the plastic mold. If the number is high, the molder may recommend using hard bench steel to extend the life of the mold.
Secondary Operations – Are you looking for other services? Then inform the molding machine in advance so that it can include these in the injection molding quotation. For example, you prefer to print on parts or parts must be assembled. You should also ask the molder of the china pet preform manufacturers whether the part can be placed in the package. You may end up with a discount because you are not only plastic injection molding, but also a mold company for other services.