Are you looking for a reliable, reputable injection molding machine that offers suppliers of Pet Bottle Preform design and manufacturing? If so, you must do some research and evaluation in advance to ensure the success of the project.
Do I need a detailed design?
No, you don’t need to have a detailed design ready. At Jilian Plastics, we will work with you in the early stages of design and prototyping. As part of the mold manufacturing process, we design, reference, build, test, and improve molds based on prototype parts. It is wise to get expert advice on prototyping before you commit to an ineffective or problematic work.
Which stage of the design process should the molder participate in?
It is wise to get a mold early in the process. Your mold specialists know the trends in plastics, molds, and machines, saving time, money, and waste before you start mass production of your parts. The sooner a qualified molder participates in the design process, the sooner you will see the results of the project turnaround time and overall quality.
What determines the cost of plastic parts?
The cost of plastic parts varies by size, weight, type of material, location of manufacture, and throughput. To understand more about the factors that affect cost, the cost factor to consider when designing and manufacturing a 5-gallon Pet Preform is even more complicated. If you want to get the best mold experience at the least cost, Jilian mold will be your good choice, you will never regret it.