With many years of experience, Jilian Plastics has become the leading  China Pet Bottle manufacturer  for preforms from 6 mm to 720 mm and neck sizes from 12 mm to 150 mm. The company successfully designed and developed up to 72 cavitation prefabricated molds in its complete in-house manufacturing facility.
Custom-made hot runner system with spring-loaded shut-off pin and pneumatically controlled high-end inlet hot runner system.
Hardened mold parts with deep meshing tapers increase mold life and require minimal maintenance. Special surface treatment and coating on the core insert facilitate the introduction of the preform.
productive forces
Standard interchangeable mold parts.
Industry-leading productivity based on fast cycle and high efficiency levels.
The core and cavity have excellent concentricity and minimal wall thickness variation.
Roller cam that initiates opening and closing actions on thread splitting and is custom designed based on specific preforms
Stainless steel stack eliminates molded surface corrosion and reduces refurbishment and conversion costs
High quality raw materials and proven mold design ensure long die life
stand by
Provide customers‘ technicians with comprehensive training in Pet Preform Mould and hot runner maintenance as well as PET processing.
Professionally competent company technicians perform mold commissioning and training at the customer’s factory.
Standard wear parts are in stock for immediate shipment.