The width and height of the Pet Bottle Mould must be less than or at least smaller than the side of the column spacing;
Mold width and height within the optimum mold size range;
The thickness of the required mold thickness between the injection molding machines;
The minimum size of the mold width and height recommended by the injection molding machine is too small.
We have: from the mold and the product to determine whether to open the stroke“ and „support the mold“ to remove the finished product.
The opening stroke in the direction of the switch mode is at least twice greater than the completion stroke and has a gate length (gate);
We need enough support to support the mold stroke to complete the top.
Lock with plastics and determine the „locking force“ tonnage.
When the raw material with the high pressure injection cavity will produce the strength of the supporting mold, the injection molding machine clamping unit must provide sufficient „the locking force of the mold cannot be opened“. The clamping force requirements are calculated as follows:
The appearance of the product is obtained by the projected area in the direction of the product switching mode;
Projection area supporting the strength of the mold = completion in the direction of the switching mode (cm2) pressure* * number of cavities (kg / cm2);
The pressure of the raw materials and different raw materials in the mold is usually 350 – 400 kg / cm 2;
The required machine clamping force is greater than the strength of the supporting mold. For safety reasons, the machine clamping force must generally be greater than 1.17 times the strength of the supporting mold.
This has initially determined the specifications of the clamping device and roughly determined the tonnage of the aircraft, and then the following steps must be performed to confirm which of the injection device has a screw diameter that is compared to the required diameter.
Complete shooting: Determine the “injection amount” and the appropriate “screw diameter” based on the weight and number of points of the finished product.
The calculation of product weight needs to consider the number of cavities (several points);
The reason for the stability is that the injection amount is 1.35 times or more the weight of the product, which is required for the product weight within 75% of the injection volume.
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