Pet Preform Mould Position In The Market

Posted: 8th Oktober 2018 by preform nicole in Allgemein
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Let’s take a look at the global position of Pet Preform Mould in the retail market. We consider the flexibility needed to release packaging for new products and consider some of the brand packaging design innovations that support brand growth. Next, we will look more closely at a very important area of ​​growth, involving the current and projected sales of PET bottles, the awe-inspiring Asia Pacific region, where China is the focus.
Strong global performance
Flexible pets are the key to future success
In the world stage of the retail packaging industry, PET bottles occupy an enviable position and currently rank second in the global consumer packaging demand, second only to flexible plastic packaging.
Although global demand for retail packaging increased by 1.9% in 2014, PET performed strongly, with a 3.9% increase in 2014. This indicates the status of PET bottles as a form of packaging, and brand owners are increasingly looking to expand the use of PET bottles to differentiate product categories and respond to different consumer situations in the most appropriate shape and size to meet changing consumer needs. . PET bottles also occupy a compelling position in stand-up pouches, making them the two most innovative and fastest growing retail packaging formats available today.
China Pet Bottle brands urgently need greater flexibility in packaging supply as Chinese brand manufacturers seek to innovate more regularly, designing new, often more customized/updated brand packaging designs for their food and beverage products. This always requires more suppliers of machinery and packaging materials. As brands strive to improve their use and production of energy and packaging materials and the recycling, recycling and reuse of packaging materials, they are flexible in packaging and branding as part of their strategy to reduce their environmental impact The ability, which is both a positive attribute of PET bottles and a market share for PET, is often combined with environmental positioning.