You have a project that requires Pet Preform. You did your homework and found a reputable store to help you determine the feasibility of using custom injection molding to produce parts. Now you need to give the injection shop some specific information to make sure you get what you want.
Although you may be asked to provide (and may have) additional information throughout the project, there are several basic items that you need to provide in a plastic injection mold shop so they can give you an accurate quote:
1. CAD drawing or sample part
Everyone should be familiar with the old idiom „There are devils in the details.“ „Well, the details, because they are related to your part, must be communicated correctly, otherwise you may be disappointed with the results. Hand-painted prints are a bit like past relics. They may still be trying to get a rough estimate, but for a detailed quote, they need CAD files. CAD drawings are required to convert mold design and manufacturing dimensions. With today’s technology, sample parts can be scanned to provide accurate 3D CAD models. Unless you provide your own mold, your injection mold shop will depend on you. Details of the part.
2. How to use parts
An injection molding company that cites your parts needs to know how to use it. why? Knowing the application will help you make recommendations about the materials and colors you want to use, and may even give you some design advice. Before requesting a quote, you should answer the following questions:
Will the parts be used outside?
How much impact will they bear?
Will the parts wear excessively?
When you give this application information to the China Plastic Handle Manufacturers in advance, you can help eliminate unpleasant surprises.