Could The Arkansas Razorbacks Win Out

Posted: 25th September 2018 by hua hua in Allgemein

The Arkansas Razorbacks have four remaining games on their schedule for the football season, but what the chance they win all of themThe debate and speculation are hot and heavy this week as fans and media look at the remainder of the year. Is it possible that the Hogs could actually pull it off and win these last fourArticle continues below …Taking a peek at the ESPN FPI projections, it doesnt look good for the Hogs. The computers give the Razorbacks a 1.2 percent chance to win out for the year. How much should we put into this projectionA couple weeks ago I wrote a piece on the FPI calculating Arkansas to lose out Devwah Whaley Jersey. This included Ole Miss and Auburn. So as it stands from the date of that piece, the FPI is at .500. So let look at it through the .500 glasses.The remainder of the schedule has Florida, LSU, Mississippi State and Missouri. Naturally, Arkansas has the lowest chance to beat the Gators and the Bayou Bengals. However, it is good to note that both of those games are at home for the Razorbacks.Although the FPI says Arkansas is an underdog in all four games, it gives the best percentages for the Bulldogs and MIZZOU at 43 Trey Thompson Jersey.3 and 45.5 percent. If I were to bet against the FPI, Id have to take them to win these two..theiaPostSlider_nav._lower display none !important Must Read Hold onto. SomethingI currently have Arkansas going between .500 and .750 for the remainder of the year, with the only loss I am certain of coming from LSU. The Gators are good but I am undecided on that one at the moment. As far as the other two, I just dont see the Hogs losing to MIZZOU and Mississippi State.