The injection molding method for Pet Preform is one of the most mature technologies for producing low to large volume plastic parts. Thanks to this technology, we can make custom products easier and simpler. Here we will discuss the advantages of plastic injection molding:
1. precise
We can use this method to manufacture our custom plastic parts with high precision. For some critical dimensions in thermoplastic parts, we can achieve + 0.05 / – 0.05 mm depending on the part size.
2. flexibility
The production process is flexible and you can choose to meet your needs in quantity or color. You can easily switch part colors after a certain number of moldings, or you can use multiple colors in small quantities.
3. High-strength parts
For some parts, they need to work under pressure. High intensity is very important! By using an injection molding process, we can choose high-strength materials to shape parts. This not only makes it easy to meet the requirements of material selection, but also easily meets the requirements for manufacturing stability.
4. Tight
Plastic injection molding allows you to manufacture parts efficiently, especially in high volume production. Most parts are easily completed in 15 to 30 seconds.
5. Smooth finishing
A range of finishing options are available. Gloss, texture, smoothness, etc. can be applied directly to your part without the need for secondary operations.
6. Low cost production
Plastic injection molding is a low-cost production. This is not only conducive to mass production, but also to today’s small batch production. There is a fast processing method that is ideal for small batch production with low cost without compromising quality. When you need to make 50, 100 or more plastic parts, you can consider fast processing methods.
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