Cobalt Alloy Ceramic Teeth Have Many Advantages

Posted: 12th September 2018 by cobalt net in Allgemein
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Nowadays, many people choose porcelain teeth for dental restoration. Because of the different materials used in porcelain teeth, the types of porcelain teeth are different. So what is Cobalt Alloy porcelain?

The cobalt alloy porcelain tooth is a non-precious metal porcelain tooth. The main components of the nickel-chromium alloy porcelain metal bracket are 77.95% nickel and 12.60% chromium. Since nickel metal has higher activity than other metals, there is free release of metal, free black line of gums, and slight The toxic reaction, cobalt alloy is replaced by a more stable cobalt metal instead of nickel metal, in comparison, the metal properties are more stable, and the adverse stimulation of humans is much reduced. The chance of the black line of the gums is also small.

Characteristics of cobalt-chromium alloy porcelain teeth:

1. Among the cobalt-chromium alloys, cobalt is the main element, which is extremely resistant to corrosion and has high strength and hardness, thereby increasing the service life of the steel support; the corrosion performance of the alloy containing no precious metal is fundamentally different from that of the precious metal alloy.

2. Protect the hard tissues and pulp of the teeth. Stellite Plate porcelain teeth have a good edge sealing effect. Because the teeth that need to be made of porcelain teeth are often discolored and ruined teeth, after the porcelain crown is finished, the whole real tooth is surrounded by the middle, and the force when chewing is applied to the crown without cracking or collapse. The adhesive and porcelain layer of the bonded porcelain crown have good insulation and prevent external damage to the pulp. If the edge is not well sealed, the porcelain crown and the real tooth are not close enough, then the residue in the food will penetrate into it, and the bacteria will also multiply in it, resulting in the result that the „root“ is not strong and forced to pull the tooth.

3. The economy is durable, the taste is good, the adaptability is fast, the retention is good, and it is easy to clean.

4. Can be used with a variety of teeth to restore its aesthetics and good occlusion function, so that patients have more choices.