At Jilian Plastics, we provide rapid injection molding services for prototype and mass production of your Pet Preform Mould. We can build bridge molds to inject your prototype and meet your project needs. Our injection molds should be all you need to support your project life. We apply steel molds to meet the high volume (over 100,000) parts per year.
What is a quick injection/quick mold? This is a branch of the Injection Molding Service. Rapid injection molding and rapid machining mean that we can shorten the delivery time by simplifying and optimizing the structure without compromising the quality and thus completing it faster.
Is there a limit to rapid injection/fast processing? Do not! At Jilian, we use ordinary mold parts, state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained staff, coupled with an unparalleled process, which allows us to offer competitive prices and capabilities to mold and manufacture quickly. Out of your parts.
Are you looking for a China Pet Bottle manufacturer to build a bridge mold for rapid prototyping and low volume production? Contact us today to find the best solution for your next project!