China Pet Bottle Are Recognized By More People

Posted: 11th September 2018 by preform nicole in Allgemein
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Single stage blow molding machine
When Pet Preform Mould were developed in the United States, a large Japanese injection molding machine manufacturer was leading a project to develop a machine for making biaxially oriented PP (polypropylene) containers. They realized that the prototype could be used to produce new PET bottles, and in December 1975, the first-stage ASB-150 injection stretch blow molding machine for the manufacture of new biaxially oriented PET bottles was unveiled. All of the first-stage injection stretch blow molding machines derived from this original stretch blow molding design are called classic first-class machines, as this concept has long been extended to other PET developments. Classic first-class machines are designed for a wide range of applications because the same basic machine design can be used to make bottles and cans of all shapes and sizes.
Two-stage blow molding machine
In the early development, preforms were made by continuously extruding PET tubes. To make these preforms, the preform manufacturing machine employs a continuously extruded PET tube, heats and closes one end, then heats the other end, and forms a threaded surface by blow molding. The output speed of this process is faster than the early injection routes of 8 and 16 cavity molds, with 12,000 preforms per hour. After extrusion, the preform can be multilayered with a barrier material. As cavitation increases to 32° and above, the system is replaced by injection molded preforms. The quality of the injection molded (IM) neck is increased by, for example, a venting groove to make the IM finish better. In addition, IM technology can be obtained from more than one company, giving customers more technical and commercial choices. A two-stage technical machine with six blow molds that operate approximately 4,000 bottles per hour. Subsequent mold and cooling developments increased production to 6,000 bottles per hour.
Two-stage PET processing includes:
Manufacturing preforms by injection molding
Stretch blow molding bottle
Because it is more flexible than one-step processing, it is widely accepted in the plastic packaging market. You can choose to do only the preforms, or you can choose to blow only the bottles, if you want to do one of them.
Integrated two-stage blow molding machine
In an integrated two-stage process, the preform is manufactured by a more traditional injection molding route (the number of cavities is optimized to match the desired output) and then transported to an optimized number of blows while still hot A separate blow molding machine that adapts to the desired output. This is the first „integrated“ method for PET bottles. Device developers have adopted a „single-stage“ approach. Here, the device has the same number of injection chambers as the blow mold. This is a more compact method and has proven to be ideal for small batch outputs with excellent glossy surfaces.
Nowadays, the global mold manufacturing market is advancing rapidly. China Pet Bottle manufacturers are facing such a complicated environment and continue to enhance their own strength, so that products can be recognized by more people.