Jilian Plastics has introduced a new range of Pet Preform and preforms.
This series is designed for dairy, sterile and high pressure processing (HPP) liquid beverages.
They are spill-proof and provide a high quality seal in a convenient size.
Our range of pet drinks is round, hourglass and square in four sizes.
Three types of filling include cold-filled dairy products and juices, aseptically filled dairy products and juices, and high-pressure processed juices.
The new bottle is designed to maximize process efficiency while applying technologies including lightweight Bericap aseptic finishing.
Due to the tight tolerances of the finish, quality seals are achieved, product spoilage is virtually eliminated, and secondary packaging and distribution costs are reduced.
For customers who have this need, we choose a new series of products from Jilian Plastics Co., Ltd. We are reliable China Plastic Handle Manufacturers. The products are also different in appearance, helping you to attract more people. Buyers are concerned.