Xinyu Enamelled Wire Develops Rapidly

Posted: 16th Juli 2018 by xinyuenamelled in Allgemein
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The Enamelled Wire refers to a metal wire used for winding an electromagnetic coil with an insulating varnish as an insulating coating, also called a magnet wire. Enameled wire is the main and key raw material for electromagnetic winding of electric motors, electrical appliances and household appliances, telecommunications and electronic instruments. After the entry of WTO, with the rapid development of industrial electrical appliances, household appliances, telecommunications, electronic products, etc., it has brought a wide range of enameled wires. Application areas and markets. China has become the world’s enameled wire manufacturing center and processing base. It is the world’s largest producer and seller of enameled wire, accounting for about 30% of global production. The production of enameled wire in China has increased by more than 10% per year for nearly two decades. It is expected to increase to around 50% by 2015, reaching a scale of 1.6 million t/a, making it a veritable enameled wire production country and a strong country.

After long-term development, China has become the largest producer and user of electronic components such as relays, micro-motors and electronic transformers. However, due to the gap between technology, technology and equipment and the international market, the production capacity of fine enameled wire is far from domestic. Meet the needs. Only about 30% of China’s fine enameled wire is used by domestic manufacturers, and the remaining 70% is imported.

The future growth of demand for local micro-electromagnetic enameled wire in China comes from the natural growth of market demand, and the other part comes from import substitution, especially in the field of import substitution. According to the investigation and analysis of the wire and cable branch winding wire special committee of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, it has become a veritable enameled wire production country and a strong country.