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Law sexy mini dress enforcement investigating under garments theft in Bukit Batok

SINGAPORE — The police are investigating an instance where a guy allegedly took female under garments that was drying upon laundry shelves along the corridor of the Housing Panel block in Bukit Batok.

They informed The sexy mini dress Straits Times upon Saturday (Feb 24) that they were notified to an instance of unethical misappropriation of property in Block 106, Bukit Batok Central, in 5. 58pm on Thurs.

ST realizes that the man produced away having a few brassieres and underwear, and that this is simply not the first time the house owner stuck a law enforcement report more than underwear robbery.

Videos published by Fb user Li Jianbin upon Friday (Feb 23) display a man strolling along the corridor, exactly where racks of laundry are being shown.

The man abruptly slinks ahead long sleeve midi dress and experiences the clothing, before eliminating some items which appear to be under garments.

Mr Li wrote in Chinese the fact that incident happened at Bukit Batok Central.

He published: „It’s the fifth period this is occurring at my house. I produced a law enforcement report yet he is not caught. As a result I’m publishing this within hopes it will increase awareness. This individual takes just women’s ribbons underwear. inch

Police research are ongoing.

Cases of men robbing underwear from drying laundry racks along HDB corridors are not unusual.

In Oct last year, a 26-year-old guy was caught for robbing female underwear at Prevent 135, Bedok Reservoir Street.

In Aug 2016, a 29-year-old guy was purchased to undergo a year of psychiatric treatment under a Required Treatment Purchase. He had taken more than 100 items of woman underwear, which includes a vettig off a clothes stand in Bedok North Road 3.

In January that year, a 42-year-old guy was caught for robbing women’s under garments in Queenstown and Redhill.

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