A former Gurkha soldier tried wholesale halloween costumes to hack his wife to death with a Nepalese Kukri knife as a 999 operator listened to her screams, a court has heard.

Bikash Gurung inflicted such terrible Halloween Costumes Outlet injuries on his wife Kamana that both he and a policeman who attended the scene believed she was dead.

Miraculously, 37-year-old nurse Kamana survived fractures to her skull, jaw and neck and a nearly-severed finger following life-saving work by doctors.

Gurung, who served 23 years in the Gurkha Regiment before becoming a security guard, admitted attempted murder and was jailed for 14 years this week.

The couple had been married for 20 years, following an arranged marriage, the court heard.

But in the build-up to to the attack hggdgfhfggsda Gurung had an affair and his wife started a relationship with a man she online, the court heard. She planned to tell him she wanted a divorce on the day of the attack, the judge was told.

But Gurung, 42, was controlling and constantly checked her mobile phone and other devices. He was ‚pre-occupied with a loss of self respect and honour‘ at the thought of her divorcing him, prosecutors said.

The pair clashed at their home in Swindon on December 29 last year and Gurung picked up his Kukri, a 18-inch long knife, and attacked her.