Disney Princess Wholesale Sexy Underwear Is Here & It’s $24: Would You Wear It?

You won’t have to worry Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie about turning into a pumpkin at midnight thanks to Yandy’s Disney princess-inspired lingerie, which will keep the magic alive all night long.

First, there were wedding dresses inspired wholesale Christmas costumes by the Disney princesses. Next, we saw bikinis…and, now, lingerie. That’s right, you can channel your favorite princess while in the bedroom, and it’s all thanks to Yandy. Is it just us or is the Disney craze reaching entirely new heights?

Emma corset skirts sets Watson’s Prettiest Princess MomentsYandy, the supplier of sexy Halloween costumes everywhere, also offers up everything from swimwear to activewear and, of course, lingerie, which you can purchase all year long — but the Disney-inspired lingerie is what really sparked our interest. It turns out the thematic looks have actually been available for quite some time, but it couldn’t be more timely — especially given the recent craze surrounding all things Disney-related. Whether you want to unleash your inner Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella, here’s your chance. The sets are available on the brand’s website and retail for $24, (Prince Charming not included).

Based on the reviews on the site, the looks are fan favorites! “The Best, Girlfriend really loves it. Nice material but fits a little snug, it should be made in plus sizes,”; David said of the Cinderella-inspired look. “Very nice, was high quality and looked good! Would recommend,”; Ethan said of the Snow White-inspired look. Melinda gave the Belle-inspired lingerie four stars: “I love this. It’s simple but flattering. And it’s not a hassle to put on and perfect if someone loves to call you their princess.”;

Although they aren’t named after the individual princesses, there’s no denying the inspiration behind the looks! Simply search for princess lingerie on their site and all of the sexy looks are bound to pop up. Along with your fave Disney darlings, there’s also a slew of other costume-like sets if you can’t get enough of dressing up behind closed doors.

What do you think of the princess-inspired lingerie sets? Are you loving this sexy trend or do you think it is a bit too over-the-top? Check out the looks above and VOTE and let us know.