Flat Screen Printing Machine

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Zhejiang LICHENG Printing&Dyeing Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd is devoted to be the dominating Flat Screen Printing Machine exporter. We have professional technical department who are paying the key role on pre-sales and after-sales services. Through best utilize of its own printing facility, we provide worldwide customer the flat screen printing machine.

We mainly produce series of printing equipment, such as hot air stenter, flat screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machine.

Our goal is to provide high-quality flat screen printing machine and hot air stenter products to customers and market.

Our products almost cover the entire dyeing machinery and flat screen printing machinery manufacturing and machinery manufacturing and processing industry can be applied.

Why Choose Flat Screen Printing Machine from Hotairstenter.com


Companies uphold management purposes of quality and service, dedicating to provide new and old customers with quality products and services and meet customers needs in maximum extent possible. Customer service, customer success, „pioneering and innovative, pursuit of excellence“ is the constant pursuit of Zhejiang Licheng legislation, and sincerely look forward to working with new and old customers and creating a better future!


We have complete set of machining equipment which can ensure the accuracy of parts and the quality of stereotypes. We only use premium electrical systems of the industry’s leading brands to ensure that the sizing machines are adapted to a variety of complex operating environments.


We can provide a variety of stenter configurations, suitable for all kinds of fabric production.With more than 800 sets stenter sales experience, we know better about diverse market requests, which also guaranteed us to help our customers with the best stenter type and configurations.

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Ways to Save Money with Solar Led Street Lights

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Solar led street light(CLASSIC) solutions help companies illuminate the exterior areas of their buildings to ensure the safety of visitors and employees. While there are many options to illuminate these areas, one of the most important points to look at is if you want to take advantage of options that offer ROI, such as solar led street lighting systems, or lower overall cost of initial costs, such as the grid. Old-fashioned lights that are powered.

Standard AC lighting using metal halide or sodium lamps provides lower startup costs, but over time, more money will be spent on service, maintenance and maintenance costs compared to solar LED lighting system options.

In order to get more „helping you“, adjusting the lights to the most efficient installation of the project will help reduce costs and increase profits. Using different control options can reduce system operation, thereby reducing solar demand, improving lighting levels, and reducing overall project costs. Customizing your solar lighting system to meet your business needs will ensure that your needs are met while saving money.

No matter how you look at it, switching from standard electrical services to solar systems is the best way to ensure your business is profitable year after year.

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Commercially Produced Solar Led Street Light System

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Understanding the content of creating a Solar led street light(CLASSIC) system for commercial production will allow you to accurately determine what you get when talking to the manufacturer. All components should be seamlessly combined and run flawlessly in the next few years.

Solar panel assembly

The solar panel assembly consists of three main components, a solar panel assembly, mounting brackets and hardware. There is no easy way to fix the solar panel on the pole. A bracket and mounting equipment are needed to achieve this. The original solar panels consist only of solar cells, glass, and frames. In addition to this, a solar bracket assembly must be installed and mounted on the solar panel to connect to the pole. The use of an all-aluminum bracket design and stainless steel hardware will ensure that your solar panel components stand the test of time, especially in harsh environments that are prone to rust and degradation. We even recommend ensuring that the rear of the panel is protected by a ventilated panel pan to prevent windblown debris and vandalism.

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The public lighting(CLASSIC) technology is constantly changing all aspects of commercial lighting. Here are five trends for the future.

1. Public lighting will be used to improve employee productivity and health.

Researchers have been testing the effects of outdoor lighting conditions. Studies have shown that public lighting can increase attention, increase productivity and health.

2. Smart glass can save energy.

Smart glass regulates the heat and glare in commercial buildings, reducing the amount of energy needed to keep these buildings comfortable and well lit. The smart glass market is growing rapidly and experts predict it will continue to expand.

3. Solar street lights will become more and more popular.

Solar street lights are the perfect choice for new roads and commercial buildings. By utilizing this green outdoor lighting option, builders can save money and help the environment.

4. LED options for fluorescent tube lighting will be available.

Creating viable LED fluorescent tubes is difficult due to cost and engineering challenges. However, cheaper and more durable second-generation LED fluorescent tubes are under development. These tubes should be suitable for any fluorescent indoor or outdoor lighting design that California companies can develop.

5. Lighting will become more intelligent.

As technology continues to evolve, intelligent public lighting controls will connect outdoor LED landscape lighting, street lighting, architectural lighting and other systems to reduce costs, save energy and increase the efficiency of the entire public lighting system.

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How to Choose Reliable LED Street Lights Manufacturers

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Choosing a reliable Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC) for your next project can be a daunting task. All manufacturers offer unique products that are different from them. In addition to these small differences, there are four key points to consider to ensure that you will install something that will provide a return on investment and last for many years.

How long has the LED street lights manufacturers been operating? Is there more than five years of on-site installation? ten years? Today, many companies enter the market and only do business within a year or two. Understanding the differences between companies that have proven on-site installation and those new to the market can help ensure that the system can continue to be used for many years. Solar energy has a service life of more than 25 years, but if everything else degenerates and decomposes, the solar premium will be wasted. The system should be able to operate on site for more than 20 years with little maintenance.

Light level requirements, nighttime autonomy, adequate solar energy and operating schedules are all part of a reliable solar outdoor light design. All four factors must be met to meet the highest standards to ensure that the luminaires operate as required.

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The so-called Milk Powder Making Machine produces a dry-wet composite process, which means that most of the auxiliary materials necessary for milk powder production are mixed in fresh milk, and then homogenized, sterilized, concentrated, spray-dried and then added with other auxiliary materials. The national standard finished milk powder, the specific process of its production is raw milk → clean milk → sterilization → refrigeration → standardized ingredients → homogenization → sterilization → concentration → spray drying → fluidized bed secondary drying → standardized ingredients → packaging.
(1) Advantages of dry-wet composite process:

The raw material of the dry-wet process is also fresh milk, inheriting all the advantages of the wet process.
(2) Disadvantages of dry-wet composite process:

There has always been a problem in the dry-wet composite process. The process of smashing the base powder and some of the ingredients produced by the wet process should be completed in the same plant area, that is, the acquisition of the farmland B in the A site to build a large milk processing. The method of the factory is not desirable, and these will be limited by technology, logistics, human resources and so on.

If you are in need of professional dairy equipment, Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is not to be missed. We also provide a variety of professional Juice Production Line and equipment. Welcome interested investors to contact us.