The installation and commissioning of the CIP cleaning system of the Fruit Juice Production Line uses high temperature and high concentration cleaning liquid to clean the surface of the food.
There are stainless steel acid tanks, alkali tanks and water tanks which are provided with an insulating layer. The inlet of the feed pump is connected to the bottom of the three tanks and is controlled by a solenoid valve. The outlet is connected to the upper inlet of the three tanks and is controlled by a solenoid valve. The lower part of each tank is provided with a sewage outlet, and the storage tank is provided with a thermometer and a liquid level display device. There is a section at the top of the tank for preparing the cleaner. The tank is also provided with an exhaust pipe to discharge the exhaust gas.
Installation and commissioning
Pickling, caustic washing and washing tanks are placed in the bottom of the workshop. Correct the verticality of each tank and the level of the centrifugal pump. The distributor needs to be reinforced with anchor bolts.
There is a drainage ditch near the cleaning equipment, and the sewage outlet of the equipment is connected to the water outlet.
Connect the equipment to the pump tubing, water pipes, steam pipes, and then connect the steam condensing equipment.
Install a thermometer, level gauge and various instrument components for each tank. When installing, follow the product instruction manual.
The installation of electrical equipment and control devices needs to be carried out by professionals, and they should be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant regulations of the operation. Ensure a reliable landing and safety. Test its sensitivity after installation.
Buying equipment from Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd., we will also provide perfect after-sales service for your Juice Processing Plant, allowing you to pay less and earn a more comprehensive service experience.

Chinese Pet Preform Are Durable

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As we all know, the use of plastic products in the world has increased significantly. Plastic products are widely used in any industry. As the demand for plastic products increases, so does the number of manufacturers in the injection molding industry. But how can you decide a good China Pet Bottle mold supplier? Here are some important questions, you have to ask the supplier. The first is the price. Don’t forget to ask the price of the supplier’s product. In addition, although determining the price of the product does not harm the quality of the product. The quality of the plastic is very important. In addition to quality, size and shape must also be taken into account. A well-known mold supplier will always work according to your needs and requirements.
The leading supplier, Jilian Plastics, offers different types of bottle moulds for different regions. This is China’s largest mold manufacturer, producing molds for many different applications, such as gas water, mineral water, juice bottle caps, cosmetics and so on. Customers can obtain different types of cover molds from this master mold manufacturer by size and cavity. The mold supplier offers 96 cavity cover molds, 48 ​​cavity cover molds and 64 cavity cover molds when considering the different cavity ranges available to the customer. Similar to these various cover mold options associated with different cavity sizes, cover molds also have different lengths, widths, weights, and thicknesses. The design of the cap mold includes a special range of tool specifications and a professional manufacturing method for China PK.
The cavity steel for the cap mould is the Stavaux S420, which is made of Swedish stainless steel. The core steel is DIN 1.2083 made in Germany and has been heat treated. Similarly, slides and strippers were prepared by ThyssenKrupp Germany by heat treatment using stainless steel. This qualified cover mold production company uses A / B / C steel to meet the needs of the cover mold manufacturing, which is a nickel-plated 718 steel. All parts in the mold project are associated with durable materials such as copper and graphite, which provide the cover mold with a strong and elastic feature. Therefore, users can use these Pet Preform molds to benefit from long-term use.

Pet Preform Product Line

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Jilian Plastics is one of the leading suppliers China Pet Bottle production lines and has extensive experience in providing high quality PET preform forming solutions. In recent years, we have established different types of preform production lines for customers from different countries, such as South Africa, Russia, Jordan, Nigeria, Algeria… If you are looking for a PET preform production line, please do not hesitate to contact us.
High quality polyester preform mould
Polyester pre-formed mold
In order to manufacture PET preforms, we have a dedicated department where we have manufactured PET preforms from 2 chambers to 144 chambers. We use valve systems and advanced hot runners. Mold features include:
The main steel of the PET preforming die is S136, stainless steel, made in Sweden, hardness HRC 48-51. It ensures long life and good polishing.
In terms of machining, we use advanced precision equipment such as the Mazak high-speed grinding machine in Japan and the Sodick EMD in Japan.
For hot runner systems, we use valves and advanced German hot runner heating elements.
PET injection molding machine and necessary assembly machine
Polyester servo motor supplier
Polyester injection molding machine
As we all know, PET materials have special properties, so we need PET injection molding machines for PET preforms. For example, for 72 21.5 g or 26 g hollow PET preforms, we use the Dakumar 650 T PET servo energy-saving injection molding machine with a cycle time of 20 seconds. The necessary assembly machines include loaders, chillers, dryers, air compressors + air dryers + air tanks + air filters, cooling towers + pumps, robots, etc.
For after-sales service, we can arrange a team of our engineers to visit your factory, install Pet Preform molds and machines, train your staff and more.

Xinyu Enameled Wire is Supported by a First-class Management Team

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Xinyu Enameled Wire Electrical is a professional enameled wire supplier, we have a dedicated, reliable and handpicked first-rate management team that are committed to providing you with fast response times with your queries, service and anything else you need help with. Efficient implementation has been our goal since our inception.

Benefit From Xinyu Enameled Wire Advantages


We can arrange production according to customers‘ requirements.

Free sample

We supply free wire sample(≤ 2kg) for customer testing.

One-stop solution for transformers

We provide a full set of raw materials for transformer factories.

Perfect after-sale service

Compensation solution help customers reduce the loss at lowest.

Stringent quality control at every production stage and an unwavering dedication to getting it right the first time have earned us clients‘ respect and have kept them coming back time and time again. welcome enameled copper wire and enameled aluminum wire orders too. Experience the products and services that have built our loyal, multinational client base by contacting us today.

Keeping equipment clean at the Milk Processing Plant and beverage processing plant is critical to smooth operation. However, this is not an easy achievement. First, workers must understand why cleaning is so important. Next, they must understand which dirt is present, which surfaces need to be cleaned, which cleaning methods are best for their equipment, and which cleaning agent is most effective in each case. Guidelines should be developed to standardize and harmonize procedures throughout the plant.
Why is it clean?
In short, food processing equipment must be cleaned regularly to ensure a safe and efficient manufacturing environment. The seven most important reasons to keep processing equipment clean include:
Prevent the transfer of ingredients from one product to another. This is especially important when producing multiple products on the same device. Proper cleaning can effectively remove trace components and help prevent cross-contact of allergens.
Reduce food contamination opportunities that may cause health hazards or affect product quality.
Provide a clean surface for disinfection. If the surface is not thoroughly cleaned, it cannot be properly disinfected or disinfected.
Comply with local and international standards and regulations to ensure consumer safety and avoid legal issues.
Improve plant performance and productivity by reducing waste, maintaining equipment, and maintaining product quality.
Improve worker safety by providing a clean working environment and smooth running equipment.
Produce a quality product that is delicious and popular in the market.
What is the common food soil?
Most food soils are traces of the various ingredients used in production. Other soils may include oil and grease from manufacturing equipment, dust and mineral deposits from hard water used in the manufacturing process. Protein, starch, oils, fats, gums, oils and baking on the soil are some of the common contaminants on Fruit Juice Production Line equipment.

China Pet Bottle Is Your Good Choice

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How are Pet Preform mold products made in the current era?
Today, plastic bottles are widely used for home and business purposes. Carrying a plastic bottle is very convenient because it is light and can be easily disposed of. It is also economical to buy them because they are cheap and do not require investment like metal containers. Therefore, the importance of high quality bottles has also increased over the years.
Although the previous role of the cover may have provided comprehensive protection, it now includes a variety of other features. Cap mold manufacturers are often required to manufacture products in a specific way. In today’s times, custom design has become a necessity. As competition intensifies, most brands that sell mineral water require a specific color that matches their profile. Therefore, the design of the mineral water bottle cap mold must take into account all the customization needs of the customer.
The material can also vary. Some materials are cheaper, while others may be better, but more expensive. Therefore, the customer can only select materials after calculating the price he wishes to provide the finished product on the market. So if you buy a very cheap bottle, the material used by its plastic cap mold makers may not be very high. On the other hand, bottles intended to last longer and therefore more expensive can use caps made of better molding techniques and better materials.
Manufacturers of plastic cap molds must use very high quality machines to ensure that the design is flawless and that all products are the same size. Any difference will not satisfy the customer and may disrupt the relationship with him. Brands are the result of increasingly competitive competition. It also gave birth to the concept of labels and trademarks. Therefore, bottle mold manufacturers must also design caps in a way that flaunts company labels or badges.
Another key factor is the amount of protection required. Sometimes companies may require greater protection to ensure complete safety and even 100% protection under adverse conditions. Therefore, designers often have to provide additional coatings to prevent any leakage. For containers containing food, chemicals or mineral water, the lid must be completely leak free. Plastic cap molds (where CLIK knows more about caps) usually represent a specific design and color. It usually also contains some information about the product or company. All of this must be met with consideration of cost factors. Therefore, today the company is under great pressure to design the best quality products within a specific budget.
China Pet Bottle manufacturers have been firmly following the changes in the market mold market, constantly innovating and researching our plastic bottles and plastic covers. If you have these needs, I believe that China is not you. Awkward choice.