Casting products often appear in the manufacturing process, so today we will talk about the characteristics and forming reasons of casting pores.


Air holes are holes on the surface or inside of the casting, which are round, oval or irregular. Sometimes many pores form air masses, usually pear-shaped under the skin. The orifice has irregular shape and rough surface. Cavitation is a concave part on the casting surface, and the surface is relatively smooth. The appearance inspection of the opening shows that the subcutaneous hole can only be found after mechanical processing.

Reasons for formation:

1. The preheating temperature of the mold is too low, and the liquid metal cools too fast when passing through the gating system.

2. The exhaust design of the mold is poor, and the gas cannot be smoothly exhausted.

3, coating is not good, exhaust is not good, even volatilize or decompose gas.

4. There are holes and pits on the surface of the mold cavity. After the liquid metal is injected, the gas in the holes and pits expands rapidly, compressing the liquid metal to form a blocked hole.

5. The surface of the mold cavity is rusted and not cleaned.

6. Raw materials are improperly stored and not preheated before use.

7. Poor deoxidizer, insufficient dosage or improper operation, etc.

Prevention methods:

1. The mold should be completely preheated. The particle size of the coating should not be too fine and the air permeability should be good.

2. Pouring by tilting pouring method.

3. Raw materials shall be stored in a ventilated and dry place and preheated during use.

4. Select deoxidizer with good deoxidizing effect.

5, pouring temperature should not be too high.

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Common wear resistant hammers include high chromium alloy hammers, high manganese steel hammers and bimetallic composite hammers. Suitable wear-resistant hammers should be used for different materials.

High manganese steel castings are characterized by good toughness, good manufacturability and low price. Its main feature is that under the action of large impact or contact stress, the surface layer will rapidly produce work hardening. Its work hardening index is 5-7 times higher than other materials, and its wear resistance is greatly improved.

However, the high manganese steel hammer head has higher requirements on the overall performance of the crusher. If the physical impact force is not enough or the contact stress is small in actual work, the surface cannot be rapidly hardened, thus its due wear resistance cannot be exerted. Therefore, the equipment should be selected according to the actual parameters before use, and the equipment can be modified if necessary to maximize its economic benefits.

Gongda wear-resistant parts made of new materials have good wear resistance, saving a lot of time to replace parts, improving production efficiency, increasing efficiency for customers and effectively reducing waste of resources.

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Do You Know GuanFeng IQF Freezing

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Individual Quick Freezing usually abbreviated Freezing IQF is a freezing method used in food processing industry. Products commonly frozen with IQF Freezing technologies are typically smaller pieces of food products and can range from all types of berries, fruits and vegetables diced or sliced, seafood such as shrimps and small fish, meat, poultry and even pasta, cheese and grains. Products that have been subjected to IQF are referred to as Individually Quick Frozen or IQF’d

One of the main advantages of this method of preparing frozen food is that the freezing process takes only a few minutes. The exact time depends on the type of IQF Freezing and the product. The short freezing prevents formation of large ice crystals in the product’s cells, which destroys the membrane structures at the molecular level. This makes the product keep its shape, colour, smell and taste after defrost, at a far greater extent.

Another significant advantage of IQF Freezing technology is its ability to separate units of the products during freezing, which produces higher quality product compared to block freezing. This advantage is also important for food sustainability, as the consumer can defrost and use the exact needed quantity. There is a range of IQF Freezing technologies, but the main concept is to transport the product into the freezer with the help of a processing line belt or infeed shaker. Inside the freezer, the product travels through the freezing zone and comes out on the other side. Product transportation inside the freezer is by different technologies. Some freezers use transportation belts similar to a conveyor belt. Others use bed plates that hold the product, and an asymmetrical movement makes the plate advance by itself through the freezer.

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Screw Elevator Selection Points

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Many people know that the technical parameters of a household screw elevator or a villa screw elevator are very different from those of a passenger elevator in the traditional sense, so they choose to install a screw elevator. However, there are still many problems to be aware of when purchasing a screw elevator. Next, what are the main points that should be paid attention to when choosing a screw elevator by a professional برغي مصعد manufacturer?

In real life, people often require manufacturers to provide a larger area of ​​car or higher speed, such as 1.0m / s, 1.6m / s, etc., has far exceeded the requirements of the domestic elevator manufacturing specifications, this too pay attention to the appearance The decoration, not the safety essence of the home elevator is the misunderstanding of using the home elevator. Pay attention to the hard index when purchasing the screw elevator: the load should not exceed 400kg, the speed should not exceed 0.4m/s, and the maximum stroke is no more than 12m, which is the lifting height of the 4th floor. This is the most basic.

The structure of the private residence determines that the choice of home elevators or screw elevators should adopt the inorganic room home elevator structure, thus maximizing the construction cost and building space, and at the same time complementing the appearance of the building.

Private elevators are different from public elevators and are used by a single home. Therefore, the home elevator puts forward higher requirements on safety protection, especially for the elderly or children in the family. If there is a sudden power outage or malfunction in the elevator, the home elevator with automatic rescue device and automatic dialing configuration is selected. Provide maximum security for your family. Of course, manufacturers will also be required to pay an additional increase in equipment costs.

The light source of solar street light is basically using led light source. This kind of street light is also called solar led street light. However, in the process of use, we often encounter the situation that the LED is not bright. This is the dead light phenomenon of the Solar led street light(CLASSIC).

There are two reasons for the death of the light. One is that the leakage current of the solar led street light is too large, causing the local dead light caused by the PN junction failure, and the whole light work is not affected. Second, the internal connection lead of the solar led street light is disconnected, resulting in LED No current is passed through and a dead light is generated, causing the whole light to not work properly. So how to avoid this phenomenon?

First, prevent static electricity

Static electricity is a very harmful devil for solar led street light. Any problem in one link will cause damage to the LED, making the LED performance deteriorate or even fail.

We know that the human body (ESD) static electricity can reach about three kilovolts, which can damage the LED chip. In the LED packaging production line, a scientific and standardized grounding design must be designed. Generally, the grounding resistance is required to be 4 ohms. The grounding resistance should even reach ≤ 2 ohms.

Second, try to use automatic welding equipment

If manual soldering is used, the soldering temperature must be strictly controlled. This is because manual soldering is used. If a normal soldering iron is used, the soldering iron temperature is above 300-400 °C. Excessive soldering temperature can also cause dead lights.

The solar led street light lead has a coefficient of expansion several times higher than the expansion coefficient at about 150 ° C. The internal gold wire solder joint will open the solder joint due to excessive thermal expansion and contraction, resulting in a dead light phenomenon.

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Bright Plastic Trash Can is used in many industries for cleaning and sanitation, which brings cleanliness, sanitation and environmental protection to cities, communities and all kinds of public places. It is an environmentally friendly product that is ubiquitous in real life. The plastic trash can has many advantages as follows.

(1)Made of energy-saving materials, trash cans are relatively easy to process. In use, it can not only reduce a lot of costs but also improve service life. In more homes, the use of trash cans is also very common, such as in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. But most of the time, the energy saving and environmental protection in daily life also require us to have a good sense of experience.

(2) Bright plastic trash can is also good for more cleaning. We are used to throwing garbage into the trash can. Therefore, for many children, it will also have a good educational significance, giving them a different way of using various materials trash can. Convenient cleaning is also an obvious advantage for plastic bins, showing the more user-friendly design concept of the trash can in use.

(3) Bright trash cans are used in many situations, such as beautifying the home environment. Only by do some cleaning well can you create a warm and comfortable home environment.

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