MIG welding uses a gun that is continuously fed with a consumable electrode. The process uses an external gas to shield the welded metal from environmental factors like oxygen making it continuous and quick. This method is easy to learn, produces less welding fumes, has high The apparatus is costly, the process does not work effectively on thick materials and it requires an external shielding gas.
MIG welding works well with a variety of alloys like stainless steel, aluminum, silicon bronze, magnesium, copper and nickel. It is used in automotive repairs, construction, plumbing, robotics, fabrication and maritime repairs.
Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding or GTAW
This welding method, released in the year 1941, is a difficult and time-consuming welding process that requires a high level of skill and focus. An autogenous weld can be created by melting two pieces of metal together without filler metal. TIG produces high quality And spatter free welds of various alloys that can be very thin. However, it requires a highly skilled operator and external shielding gas and does not work on rusty or dirty materials.
TIG welding is best used in aerospace welding, vehicle, motorcycle and bike manufacturing, tubing and in high precision welds.
Flux-Cored Arc Welding
This method of welding is similar to SMAW except that it uses tubular wire-filled flux in place of a solid wire. It can be self-shielded or dual shielded with an additional external gas. It is used in welding thick materials, heavy equipment repair , and construction as well as in steel erection.
As such, it is necessary that you understand these techniques so that you know which one is right for your job. This will largely dictate who you will want To hire to complete it. Every method of welding has distinct advantages and disadvantages, and you will want to take the time to consider which process will be optimal for your application.For more information, please contact XingHui Welding Parts Suppliers.

To maintain the desired temperature differential between the Table Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) and the polymer, water is dispensed through holes or channels in the table mould. These holes or channels are referred to as flow channels or water channels, and the configuration associated with the mobile mode is referred to as circuitry.

Water-related flow projects are commercially available. The device is only connected to the mould by a universal close distance. It is possible to use the option method for close thermal management where the table mould is connected to some cold water. This is the responsibility of the table mould manufacturer to provide sufficient circulation in the table mould, which may be achievable. Usually, the easiest way is to drill longitudinally through the die grating. However, this is indeed an essential and effective method for a particular table mould. Although drilling is used to treat the flow from the coolant, these must be located too close to the cavity as this may result in significant thermal changes. Passing through the cavity results in difficulty in forming.

The heat of operation of a particular mould will depend on the number of aspects associated with the subsequent composition: the materials and categories associated with the moulding, it is generally found to be beneficial to use a relatively large amount of heat compared to merely filling the cavity, as this tends to pass Minimize weld lines, creases and scars to enhance the polishing of the moulded area.

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Dc Control Circuit In Passenger Elevator

Posted: 19th April 2019 by odson don in Allgemein

Passenger elevators are an indispensable means of transportation in modern society. However, many people know little about cold knowledge about passenger elevators. For example, the role of the DC control circuit of the passenger elevator. Now, the otse elevator manufacturer will explain the role of the DC control circuit in the passenger elevator.

The DC control circuit part is the main component of the passenger elevator electrical control system. Whether this part of the circuit can work normally plays an important role in the normal operation of the مصعد الركاب. The DC power supply of the electrical control system is powered by an isolated working transformer that reduces the 380V AC supply voltage to an AC voltage of 115 to 125V. This voltage is applied to the input of a single-phase bridge full-wave rectification circuit composed of diodes.

Since the diode has unidirectional conductivity, a DC voltage having a variation range of not more than 7% or less is obtained at the output of the rectifier circuit. If the grid voltage is too high or too low, if it does not meet the specified requirements, it can be solved by changing the input voltage value of the rectifier circuit. The automatic switch door control circuit of the passenger elevator is one of the main control links of the DC control circuit.

In the actual adjustment process, in order to improve the operating efficiency of the passenger elevator, not only the opening and closing speed of the door is required to be fast, but also the noise is small. In order to achieve this requirement, the initial speed of the switch door must be adjusted faster. When the door switch reaches a certain distance, the speed is lowered to reduce the impact of the door on the door frame when the switch is properly opened.

In the dyeing and finishing of textiles, the warp direction is subjected to a large pulling force, resulting in elongation and narrowing of the length. In order to overcome this unstable state and ensure the dimensional stability of the textile, the speed of feeding into the cloth is adjusted during stentering or setting, which is super-feeding.

The speed of feeding into the cloth is higher than the speed of the Hot Air Stenter machine called positive super-feeding (or over-feeding, shrink-code). The positive overfeeding causes the warp yarn to retract, the weft density rises, the gram weight increases and the warp direction shrinks.

If the speed of the cloth is less than the speed of the Hot Air Stenter setting machine, it is called anti-overfeed (or negative overfeed, pull code). The anti-overfeeding causes the warp yarn to elongate, the weft density decreases, the gram weight decreases, and the warp direction shrinks. There are many dyeing factories in China that are willing to make some violations of the principle in order to pursue their own profits.

Stretching is a finishing work after dyeing, and it is also a very important process. In the process of stentering, some dyeing factories have worked harder than the amount of grey cloth input in order to process the fabric. They are very objective in thinking that most customers do not understand the reasons for this, letting them do whatever they want.

Now I have compiled some knowledge of overfeeding during tenter setting, for reference only.

In the dyeing and finishing process, the warp direction is subjected to a large pulling force, which tends to cause a narrowing of the warp direction, which is an unstable state, and the fabric undergoes warp shrinkage in water.

In order to reduce the warp shrinkage rate of the fabric and make the fabric size stable, in the tentering or setting, overfeeding is required, and the speed of feeding is greater than the speed of the Hot Air Stenter machine, so that the warp yarns are all retracted and the weft is pulled to specify the width of the door.

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Solar led street light(CLASSIC) makes up some components, including solar panels, rechargeable batteries, sole controllers, lamps and poles. It is designed to run automatically. Compared with traditional street lamps, solar energy stands out in the following points.

1. Solar LED street light provides owners with a simple and efficient way to illuminate. Endless and ubiquitous sunlight can be used to power carbon-free lamps and reduce the use of dirty energy (coal and oil) for environmental friendliness.

2. Eliminating trenching and wiring throughout the grid helps reduce the cost of installation costs. And don’t worry or worry about the maintenance of wire faults.

3. Total independent energy means no need to worry about power outages. If there is no sun for a few days, you can light up overnight.

4. Longer life than traditional lamps helps reduce maintenance costs.

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