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Xinyu Introduce Details Of Enameled Wire

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As you konwn, xinyu enamelled wire is a professional manfacturer, we can meet customers‘ requirements, so our news will intoruction our enamelled wire products and other useful ways for you, let’s continue the topic „Xinyu Enamelled Wire (Brief Introduction)“.


Common shapes for enamel wire are square, round or rectangular. Hexagonal wires are also available but they are not as common and can be found in voice coils.

The shape of the wire will determine the tightness of the coil. Since they have less space between the turns when they are formed in a coil, square copper wires will be wound tighter than round wire. Square wires are often used in confined spaces and in applications where higher power is required.

Rectangular copper wire can be wound even tighter than square wire since it is flat. Rectangular wires are arranged in a plane and then laminated into a ribbon.


Enamel wires can come in a variety of colors, including red, green and amber. The color of the wire has no bearing on the properties of the wire. It is purely an aesthetic choice, and no element of how the wire will function, will be impacted.

In cases where a certain wire color is preferred or required by the customers, some manufacturers will provide wire in that specific color. The main reason that one would want wires in different colors is so it is easier differentiate wires coming from different circuits. By making the wires different colors, it makes it clear which conductor is coming from which circuit when soldering.

Xinyu-enameledwire.com brand becomes one of the best-known manufacturers in the field of enameled wire both in China and worldwide. As a professional and reliable supplier, Xinyu is willing to cooperate with friends all around the world for a win-win future.

High Speed China Pet Bottle Injection Molding Machine

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The machine supplier supplies the manufacturer with a high-speed injection molding machine that manufactures the Pet Preform product. The era of manual molding of plastic products is gone forever. These machines form the backbone of each manufacturing plant, and machine builders classify them according to the processes they are good at. Such processes include injection molding, blow molding, stretch blow molding, blown film, profile extrusion, sheet extrusion, rotational molding, compression molding, and the like.

Auxiliary equipment suppliers offer a variety of support machines and equipment to help the plant operate efficiently. Examples of such machines are Chinese hopper dryers for drying materials, Chinese mixers for mixing materials, Chinese robotic arms for extracting products from machines, material handling systems, conveyor systems, and the like.

China Pet Bottle manufacturers or mold suppliers produce and sell molds that are mounted on processing machines that are formed or formed on processing machines. Depending on the process, some molds can be very complicated. Moldmakers specialize in the production of precision tools that cut steel blocks into the desired shape. With advanced CAD/CAM software (computer-aided design/computer-aided processing), they provide a blueprint for the final product.

Technical and engineering services. Depending on the industry the manufacturer provides, some products require a variety of standards to comply with certification before they are sold, and these companies can provide technical testing.

Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. provides comprehensive solutions for Milk Processing Plant and retailers to ensure the quality and safety of their products. Our on-site product inspectors check your merchandise at every step of the production process to make sure it meets your specifications and provide you with detailed reports. You know all the production batches before the product is shipped, so you can effectively manage the supply chain without having to pay for defective products.

Our test labs perform fast and reliable testing, providing accurate information on product quality and safety features. The sampling process used by Shanghai Jimei Quality Control technicians follows the WHO Codex guidelines and the international ANSI / ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859 – 1) sampling procedure.
Beverage Safety Solutions:

Production monitoring and process control
Health and GMP audit
Packaging inspection and testing
Microbiological test
Testing for pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants
Shelf life and stability
Chemical and radiological testing

Beverage Lab Testing Expertise

Shanghai Jimei’s network of certified laboratories provides extensive testing of Fruit Juice Production Line to help you ensure product safety and comply with market regulations.