Do you are already familiar with the feeding operation of the Hot Air Stenter machine? Although this operation is relatively simple, the problems that need attention are relatively trivial, and this operation will affect the subsequent processing effect of the hot air stenter machine. So as a user, we also need to pay attention to this part of the content.

In actual work, we must wear the guide cloth according to the requirements, and check the worn guide cloth to ensure correctness. Then we need to clean the hot air stenter machine first, especially pay attention to check the cloth rack and the front of the machine for dirt, and clean it in time. In addition, you need to check the needle clip for debris and clean it up. In addition, the site environment should be kept clean and hygienic.

When the inspection work is completed, we need to classify the fabrics to be produced according to the process conditions. Generally, the same process fabrics will be used for centralized processing. You should then check the process card and verify that it is correct. According to the processing requirements of different fabrics, the feeding tension of the hot air stenter machine, the width of the whole weft detection and the width of the tenter should be adjusted appropriately.

During the operation of the hot air stenter machine, we must ensure that the fabric is not damaged in any of the processing steps. That is to say, the integrity of the guide cloth should be ensured and it must be guaranteed to meet the processing requirements. If the guide cloth is found to be stained or damaged, it should be sorted out in time. If it needs to be replaced, it should be recorded.

The staff should also check the connection of the power line and socket of the hot air stenter machine beforehand. When any damage is found, you should replaced or maintence it promptly in order to prevent accidents.

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The most common materials used in the manufacture of machinery and its choice are steel and cast iron, followed by non-ferrous metal alloys. Non-metallic materials such as plastics, rubber, etc., also have unique use value in mechanical manufacturing.
metallic material
1. Cast iron
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Both cast iron and steel are iron-carbon alloys, and the difference is mainly due to the difference in carbon content. An iron-carbon alloy containing less than 2% carbon is called steel, and a carbon content of more than 2% is called cast iron. Cast iron has suitable fusibility and good liquid flow, so it can be cast into complex shapes. In addition, its shock absorption, wear resistance, and machinability (referred to as gray cast iron) are both good and low cost, so it is widely used in mechanical manufacturing. Commonly used cast irons are: gray cast iron, ductile iron, malleable cast iron, alloy cast iron and the like. Among them, gray cast iron and nodular cast iron are brittle materials and cannot be rolled and forged. Among the above cast irons, gray cast iron is the most widely used, and ductile iron is the second.
2, steel
Compared with cast iron, steel has high strength, toughness and plasticity, and can be heat treated to improve its mechanical properties and processability. The blanks of steel parts can be obtained by forging, stamping, welding or casting, so they are widely used. Steel can be divided into structural steel, tool steel and special steel according to the application. Structural steel is used to manufacture various mechanical parts and structural components; tool steel is mainly used to manufacture various cutting tools, molds and measuring tools; special steels (such as stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, acid-resistant steel, etc.) are used in special environments. Working parts. According to the chemical composition, steel can be divided into carbon steel and alloy steel. The nature of carbon steel depends mainly on the carbon content. The higher the carbon content, the higher the strength of the steel, but the lower the plasticity. In order to improve the properties of steel, steels with some alloying elements added specifically are called alloy steels. 1) Carbon structural steel The carbon content of such steels generally does not exceed 0.7%. Low carbon steel with carbon content less than 0.25%, its strength limit and yield limit are low, plasticity is high, and it has good weldability. It is suitable for stamping and welding. It is commonly used to make screws, nuts, washers, shafts, Valve guides and welded components. The carbon content is at 0. L% to 0.2% of low carbon steel is also used to make carburized parts such as gears, piston pins, sprockets, etc. Through carburizing and quenching, the surface of the part can be hard and wear-resistant, and the core is tough and impact resistant. Low carbon gold-containing steel can be used if higher strength and impact resistance are required. Medium carbon steel with carbon content of 0.3% to 0.5%, its comprehensive mechanical properties are better, it has higher strength, and has certain plasticity and toughness. It is often used as a bolt with high force. Parts such as nuts, keys, gears, and shafts. High carbon steel with a carbon content of 0.55% to 0.7% has high strength and elasticity and is used to make ordinary leaf springs, coil springs or wire ropes.For more information, please click XingHui China Mechanical Parts

Tap Filter & Shower Filter(KOKOELECTRIC) for pregnant women, chlorinated water may not only threaten the health of the mother but also affect the unborn child.

A study conducted by a research team in England showed that women who drink or shower in unfiltered chlorine and chloramine-contaminated water can cause various pregnancy complications, including spontaneous abortion, stillbirth, low birth weight, premature birth and A series of diseases. Birth defects range from nerve damage to a weak heart.

For children, the use of unfiltered municipal hot water baths or showers can have a dangerous impact on their development. In Belgium, a study was conducted to determine if there was any correlation between schoolchildren breathing air in indoor swimming pools and increased lung penetration and asthma development.

Children who regularly play in swimming pools have an increased risk of asthma in adolescents and in some cases have severe symptoms.

They also have more damaged epithelial tissue, which is the tissue that makes up the outer layers of the skin and is arranged inside the lungs. This study confirms the harmful effects of chlorine on children’s respiratory systems, not only in community swimming pools but also in showers and baths in the home.

Real conclusions cannot be drawn from limited research, especially since there is no study specifically studying the effects of showers on pregnancy. Considering other health hazards, it may be wise to choose a safer one.

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Operation of the Plastic Pallet significantly improves efficiency during the process of loading and unloading. Apart from that, it changes the warehouse building form, the structure of the ship, the loading and unloading facilities of the railway and other modes of transportation, and the management organization. In terms of packaging of goods, the standardization of packaging are promoted, and even the general production activities other than loading and unloading will have a significant impact.

As production equipment becomes more sophisticated, automation becomes more and higher, production planning becomes more and more powerful, and management methods are gradually advanced, and the work of handling between the processes and supplying materials and semi-finished products to the production line becomes more and more important. Pallet operation is an effective means to rapidly improve handling efficiency and orderly material flow, which plays a huge role in reducing production costs and improving production efficiency.

The process of the pallet exchange system operating in the material handling system begins with the delivery of the goods (there are many products starting from the production line), and the pallets carry the goods, and a number of scattered individual items are collectively stacked. Lifting and tying the goods together with the pallet to form an integral handling unit, and then loading the pallet unit shipment into the vehicle through a loading and unloading device such as a forklift, during the entire transportation process, regardless of the cargo Transfer storage or other transportation methods. The loading and unloading and transshipment operations are always carried out as a whole, and the goods are always loaded on the original pallet, and there is no need to change the pallets in the middle until the final receiving party is reached, and then the cargo is unloaded by the cargo as needed.

The main fixing methods for pallet packaging include bundling, gluing, stretch packaging, shrink packaging, etc., which can be used together; there are many methods of preventing collapse such as using a mesh cover, a frame, a special fixture, adding non-slip material between the shipping packages, or raising the perimeter of the flat tray to make the goods tend to the center.

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The Passenger Elevator Problem Solving

Posted: 21st Mai 2019 by odson don in Allgemein

As a vertical means of transportation, مصعد الركاب have become an indispensable important infrastructure in the daily life of the people. Although the safety situation is generally stable, passenger elevator failures are still in a concurrent situation, and the safe operation level of passenger elevators and the growing security needs of the people. There is still a big gap.
There are mainly the following problems:
Question 1: Partial passenger elevator selection and configuration are inherently insufficient
A small number of development and construction units have excessively pursued the maximization of interests. With low prices as the standard, low-grade passenger elevators are used, and passenger elevators are configured according to the minimum requirements. As a result, passenger elevators have low configuration levels, insufficient quantities, frequent use, and frequent failures.
Question 2: It is difficult to implement the responsibility of the management of some residential passenger elevators.
Some residential residential quarters (residential buildings) do not employ property companies, which are managed by the owners themselves. It is difficult to fulfill the responsibility of using the management subject, resulting in the use of passenger elevator management and maintenance is not in place, and there are many failures. Although some districts have property management units, their sense of responsibility is weak, and the management of passenger elevators has been packaged. The relevant management systems such as staff on duty have not been implemented, and the maintenance units have not been supervised to do maintenance work. When the rescue is not effective.
Question 3: Some residential passenger elevator maintenance repairs and renovations are difficult to implement
Some communities that implement specialized property services have a low charging rate for property services and a low charging rate. It is difficult to meet the daily maintenance and maintenance requirements of passenger elevators. If the collection of property fees is not satisfactory, or if the passengers use the elevator for a long period of time, and the daily replacement and repair costs increase, there will be a shortage. In order to obtain more profits, some property companies have invested insufficiently in the daily operation and maintenance of passenger elevators, saving provinces and provinces, and posing safety hazards to passenger elevators. Some old houses have no special maintenance funds, and the cost of upgrading and renovating passenger elevators is difficult. Although some houses have special maintenance funds, due to insufficient balance or the owner’s opinion is difficult to unify or even object, the difficulty of extraction, resulting in passenger elevators can not be repaired in time.
Question 4: Passenger elevator maintenance quality is uneven
The proportion of passenger elevators implemented by maintenance units is low. Due to the lack of support from manufacturers in spare parts and technology, some passenger elevator failures cannot be eliminated in time. The number of maintenance units is large, the scale is small, and the low-price vicious competition seriously affects the quality of passenger elevator maintenance.

Some of the riders did not achieve civilized rides, and even deliberately damaged passenger elevators, such as forcibly squeezing when overloaded, overtime opening the door, etc., forcibly slamming the door, kicking the door, etc. The safety awareness is not strong, and the danger of passenger elevators is not enough. For example, jumping on the passenger elevator, making troubles, etc.; safety common sense is not popular enough, lack of self-protection ability, such as emergency, do not know how to deal with, do not know how to use rescue Telephone, emergency stop switch, etc.

The Flat Screen Printing Machine is an important production equipment for the textile printing and dyeing industry, especially the manufacturing enterprises of towels (including bath towels, beach towels, decorative towels, towel tapestries, etc.)

Flat screen printing machine is one of the methods that printing and dyeing manufacturers often use, which can help us get the ideal printing effect, but due to the operation error, the round net has damage, which will inevitably affect the final printing effect. The crease marks on the surface of the fabric are thus obtained. How to remedy such defects? Let’s have a look.

The crease mark on the surface of the printed fabric is caused by damage or crease on the screen of the flat screen printing machine. This is a typical performance of uneven printing during the printing process. To remedy this, you can adjust it first. The distance between the flat net and the printed guide tape is more serious in order to avoid deformation of the flat net.

Before the flat screen printing machine starts printing, the flat net should also be tensioned, so as to maintain the rigidity and elasticity, so that the printing scraper can work normally. Don’t forget to touch the two ends of the blade with the flat net. The sharp corner is cut into an arc and polished which will reduce the resistance, protect the flat net and protect the flat screen printing machine.

The above content simply introduces the remedy for the crease of the fabric of the Flat Screen Printer. If you encounter the above problems during use, you can remedy according to the above methods. To ensure the quality of the fabric, you must strictly follow the operating procedures.

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